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Effects Of Meth On The Brain


Weed Documentary

Weed documentary 2016 - This marijuana documentary shows an inside look a high school weed culture. Marijuana use at this school in Portland Oregon is very high, pun intended. Smoking pot has become almost a norm at this high school, while Mooks, Dabs, and other drugs are becoming a real problem.

Marijuana Addiction, Paranoia, and Anxiety

In recent years, there has been a large political and societal push to legalize marijuana. Proponents claim that it has medicinal uses and poses no significant risk even used recreationally. However, addiction experts agree that marijuana is an addictive substance that has numerous consequences to use, including paranoia and anxiety.


Marijuana and Paranoia

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a common side effect of marijuana abuse is paranoia, a state marked by irrational fear and mistrust of other people. This state is made even more severe by the increased sensory input that is another side effect of marijuana addiction. This can lead to dangerous situations.

The Dangers of Paranoia

Almost everyone has suffered from minor paranoia at one time or another. However, marijuana abusers experience it at a whole other level. They can become so mistrustful of people that they react irrationally. This can result in violent altercations and accidental injuries or death, highlighting the danger of marijuana-induced paranoia.

Marijuana and Anxiety

The areas of the brain affected by marijuana are responsible for survival instinct, perception, and fear. Therefore, marijuana abuse may not only result in paranoia, but often in anxiety as well. While paranoia is a mistrust of people, anxiety is the fear of everyday places and situations. This often occurs at such an extreme level that functioning in society is almost impossible.

How Anxiety is Crippling

Marijuana intensifies all perceptions, which is one of the reasons people abuse it. However, when these perceptions are unwanted it causes problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, anxiety and its associated fears can be so powerful that sufferers avoid people, places, and situations that may cause increased symptoms or panic attacks. This keeps people from being able to live their lives.

Avoiding Marijuana Induced Paranoia and Anxiety

The only sure way to avoid paranoia and anxiety caused by marijuana abuse is to not use marijuana. For those addicted to this drug, stopping is easier said than done. For this reason, it is essential to seek addiction treatment.

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